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Discussion about rifles in 300 AAC BLACKOUT (7.62x35mm), hosted by the creator of the cartridge.

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Re: Starting new project/build

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The 300 yard target is 3 shots as well, the humidity had kept the paint tacky enough that I could stick a dime to it for scale. Definitely a horizontal spread- the wind was between a 1/2 and 1/4 value and I wasn't keeping up.

Agreed re accuracy- I'm a little late to the 300 BO but it seems like most people have already decided it is a CQB type round and that is all- run it in a 7" pistol upper with a can or don't bother. It's been a fun project look- forward to continuing to experiment and fine tune.
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Re: Starting new project/build

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Nice thread!

Your learning the attributes of our favorite lil 300!

I was zeroing a new Primary Arms 30mm 1-6 optic on my "hunting" AR in 300 BO. My hand loaded Speer 130 fp's clocking 2025 went into touching holes dead on @100 made me smile. The dot POA is very precise. I was able to see the green of the 2" dots I had placed @ 100 yards.

My own bolt is a largely stock early Ruger Ranch. The early magazines work perfectly fine for me a d with the ammo it likes I can shoot 1/2 moa. I was shocked to learn some Blk Hills 125 OT ammo my buddy was shooting shot THE BEST any factory ammo ever has in ANY firearm. 5 shots under 1/2" @ 100 yards. I have re stocked the RAR. Pillar and glass bedded in the Boyds stock with a Weaver 4.5-14 scope.

I have often considered a longer barrel but cannot bring myself to disassemble such a accurate rifle!

I enjoy a Accurate 250g cast bullet over 4198 @ 1025 fps. Near touching holes @ 50 and under 2" @ 100 yards.

I have taken over a dozen deer with the 300 since 2110. With two friends we have closer to 30 animals. NOT ONE lost and ONLY two chased requiring second shots. BOTH OF THOSE where SHOOTERS impact placement error.
One was mine and I found that my 130g Speer hit TWO TREE LIMBS before impacting about 10" left impacting ON last rib. Much blood and pretty easy trail about 1 mile. He laid on a open side hill and I shot him in the head in his bed.
Second was my buddies. He shot nice 10pt @ first light. I herd shot from other side of the property. He txted me as I read I herd noise behind me frim
In my ground blind. He was standing behind me about 15 yards!! I had no shot there as I was backed into a blow down. Luckily he walked around that blow down and I shot him in the base of the neck. His shot seemed good but when butchering we saw his bullet came apart only sending shrapnel into lungs. I learned he had shot the buck @ about 7-8 FEET he didnt even aim as the deer ran up to him and looked away. He hit directly in the shoulder joint with a 125 SST @ 2200 fps.

Good luck with yours!

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