Cannot find my 9mm or 8 Crimson Trace lasers

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Cannot find my 9mm or 8 Crimson Trace lasers

Post by noname » Sun Sep 15, 2019 9:31 pm

We had been planning to downsize our house, but not planning on selling as fast as it did. Guns were more in stacks of boxes. I did manage to keep track of all my cans.

Still missing a 9 mm PM9 and all 8 of my Crimson Trace lasers, plus 1,000 or so 30 cal rifle bullets. When we finally got in our new house it was like Christmas finding stuff I had forgotten I had. Like a recently bought HK 45.

Never again will I put making the extra buck ahead of packing properly, especially guns and reloading gear.

Still have stuff in boxes after 3 months.
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