What Loads are Most "Standard"

Discussion about rifles in 300 AAC BLACKOUT (7.62x35mm), hosted by the creator of the cartridge.

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Re: What Loads are Most "Standard"

Post by rebel » Thu Dec 06, 2018 10:59 pm

Rusty Shackelford wrote:Glad to see you here Rusty.
Thanks for the tip, it worked like a charm.

Now, since the OP and I are both using short barrels, it seams to me the light weight bullets will give higher velocity to start with or, will the heavier 125/135 gr bullets start a little slower and have more retained energy down range at say 100-150 yards?
This is the rub Rusty,
As Bang answered your question, I will as well by saying "Yes". The heavier bullet will have more retained energy, question is, will it have enough velocity to open up? The 150 Gold Dot has exceeded the goal of what most Blackout shooters wanted in a heavier projectile concerning hunting. It opens at lower speeds, around 1300 fps give or take 50 fps. It's hard to reach the velocity needed in a short barrel to reach that 150 yard mark and not be a bit marginal. I haven't ran the numbers on JBM because Speer's published BC is BS. Dellet has a much more realistic number than can be computed. Look up the 150 gr Speer GD thread and he has it there. Since you are new to 300 Blk but not to reloading, don't be scared of 296/110, just respect it. Watch your brass for pressure signs and get the best velos you can get from it. For the 150 GD I use 1680. I can give you a bit should you want to try it with that bullet.
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Re: What Loads are Most "Standard"

Post by Ghostdogy1979 » Fri Dec 14, 2018 8:24 pm

So far what I use in 300 aac blackout since most of these I used in my 308 win so had them laying around for load development. Links mainly for reference only but a few are pretty good prices.

125 grain
https://www.midsouthshooterssupply.com/ ... -500-count

150 Grain
https://www.midsouthshooterssupply.com/ ... -500-count

168 Grain My AR-10 308 win loves these 20"
https://www.midsouthshooterssupply.com/ ... -500-count

175 Grain

https://www.midsouthshooterssupply.com/ ... -500-count

200 grain
https://www.midsouthshooterssupply.com/ ... -500-count

220 grain
https://www.midsouthshooterssupply.com/ ... -500-count

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