HD Weapon light? 600 lumens or 1000?

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Re: HD Weapon light? 600 lumens or 1000?

Post by bearcatrp »

I have the same optic as you. It’s sweet. Have a inforce on my 308 short barrel. Enough light for my needs. Ever thought about going NV or thermal? No need for lights. Just put a Flir thermal PTS233 on my 16 inch BO but may put it on my 10 inch when my sandman-s comes in. Best to go outside at night and see which will work best for you though.
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Re: HD Weapon light? 600 lumens or 1000?

Post by rebel »

The streamlight on my SBR is 1100 lumens and makes you crap your pants when strobing. Little large but it works well.
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Re: HD Weapon light? 600 lumens or 1000?

Post by Blowout »

I haven't mounted lights on any of the AR's yet, but I have on the shotguns. I've used the Surefire lights integrated with the forend.

I have the original design with only the momentary pressure switch on the side and upgraded the bulbs to 400 lumen. You can find the older models on eBay for a good price. Think I paid $65 for each plus $20 for the bulb... Moss500 and Benelli M1.

The only thing I don't like is extended magazines will cast a shadow with the light underneath. I kept with the standard magazine length so the light path isn't blocked.
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Re: HD Weapon light? 600 lumens or 1000?

Post by RWA007 »

Thanks for all the replies! Lots of good info here.
I really llike the Surefire 600 lumen light on the SBR. I still haven't received the new stock and forearm for the Mossberg, but am planning on mounting the 1000 lumen light on that one. I've got a small rail mounted to the magazine tube just in front of the forearm and it looks like the clicky tailcap button will be exactly where I want it when I shoulder the shotgun. pics coming soon. I honestly cannot believe how bright those lights are outside in the dark. And inside, they literally light the room up as if the lights were on. I'd hate to be on the receiving end of either of those lights in the dark, they are blinding!

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Re: HD Weapon light? 600 lumens or 1000?

Post by RohanLivingston »

I haven't been shooting that long, but I've already turned it into a hobby. During that time, I have studied enough sources to know that it is necessary to use flashlights with only white light for a clearer hit. It's all about the fact that our eye cannot focus on yellow light because of its physiology. So if you are on the lookout for a flashlight, then you might want to take a look at https://www.amazon.com/Vont-Flashlight- ... B089T8HDBV. I've also read that it's better to mount the flashlight on the weapon, not under it. Again, this is due to the convenience of focusing while aiming.
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